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A New Submision

2013-07-01 03:41:36 by RedundanSea

So, After some time messing around with Fruity Loops (and being a complete NEWB!) I produced something I felt was submission worthy. Anywho, look for it on my page, and if you can't spot it right off, it's the one called "Dearly Beloved - RSM".
Over an out.
The RedundanSea

Fruity Loops

2013-01-24 02:24:37 by RedundanSea

So, I've been playing around with FLStudio, and I've found it to be unwelcoming to newcomers, and I still feel that learning to master it is a daunting task. Anyquaise, ONWARD!!!

My Stuff

2012-04-13 21:41:08 by RedundanSea

Turns out my stuff can't be on newgrounds, use youtube instead. (At least until I get new software...stupid Magix)
I is getting FL Studio sometime soon (YAYZ!)