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Entry #3

A New Submision

2013-07-01 03:41:36 by RedundanSea

So, After some time messing around with Fruity Loops (and being a complete NEWB!) I produced something I felt was submission worthy. Anywho, look for it on my page, and if you can't spot it right off, it's the one called "Dearly Beloved - RSM".
Over an out.
The RedundanSea


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2014-08-21 00:45:17

You have to go into the Duri forest (next to the village you start at) to find the Duri fruit tree. I think there's 3 you can pick there. Also, save any silk you find for the capital, not that one lady in the desert city... payout's better.


2014-08-21 00:54:31

Sry, that's Mikan fruit, but it's in the cave at the bottom right of where the Duri herb is located... you need to progress further in the game to get it though... need a floating device, which you can get after dealing with the desert robbers.. I think, it's a long game!